Muslim Marriage Intro Service is an organisation where Muslims can find a genuine marriage partner, within a safe and friendly environment.

 Your Membership Includes: 

  • A marriage consultant who will be allocated to you to liaise with you and your family.
  • Discreet and confidential service.
  • Personal profiling on your behalf and relevant profile matches made available.  
  • Third parties will be contacted on your behalf to arrange meeting between prospective parties.
  • Advice from Islamic scholars.
  • Marriage seminars.
  • Discount on the hire of the Centre in the Masjid for Nikah & Walima gatherings.
  • Muslim Marriage Intro Service will be marketed with our partners and affiliates to increase the membership and therefore have a wider selection of prospective profiles made available.

 How it works: 

  • A marriage consultant will receive profiles and pass them on to the profile match makers.
  • Once the matchmakers have matched profiles, they will liaise with the client and their family i.e. father, mother or the one who is next in line to authorise the marriage on behalf of the client. In the absence of family member such as a New Muslim or someone without family relatives, this will be dealt based on the client's circumstances.
  • Profiles will be made available to the client in whom family can give support to the clients profile choice. Parents are then to contact each other to meet up, discuss the match, exchange pictures and proceed with the matter.
  • Muslim Marriage Intro will continue to support the families throughout the process and would prefer immediate update of developments.   
  • This process is continued until the client finds a prospective spouse.
  • We appreciate your patience as this process will take some time, so please do not become impatient or frustrated.